Our 2nd CD  - "Ridin'Shotgun"
"We've tried to show the different sides of Blue Taxi, while maintaining our bluesy
roots. We went for a live, emotional feel, as most songs were done in 1 or 2 takes. Each member of Blue Taxi  has had many influences, and with the addition of Kurt England, we were able to do more vocal harmonies, and a wider variety of musical styles that we'd always wanted to explore. We were also able to concentrate more on our songwriting technique… The 11 original songs on the CD, "Ridin' Shotgun", deal with various topics, and musical styles."   - Bill "Cap" Capuano
Blue Taxi's  "Ridin'Shotgun"
"Blue Taxi takes the best of country, and mixes it up with a great blues sound.
Excellent vocals from their female vocalist backed by fantastic guitar work."
~ From MusicTV.com's "Ridin' Shotgun" Blue Taxi Artist Notes

"A veteran quartet, Blue Taxi stands at the crossroads of blues, rock, and country."
~ From Shagbark Record's "Twisted Country"  MP3.com Artist Notes

"This combo is tighter than a Texas Tick that has been on the same dog for 
two years.  Please forgive that visual scene, but the group is fantastic. 
Billis somewhere between Stevie Ray/Santana, but about the time you think 
you have him pegged, he will pull you into a rockabilly/swing/bluesy feel."
- Steve "Big Daddy BluzHarp" Harvell BluzHarpOn-Line Review, Nov. 1999
CLICK HERE  For the Rest of "Big Daddy BluzHarp's"  Blue Taxi Review!

"I could sum up this release in one word… AMAZING.  Blue Taxi  is a band that 
plays with emotion, which is clearly evident on 'Ridin' Shotgun'.  It's obvious 
that this band has an honest love for the style of music they choose to play." 
- Paul Autry -  From The 1/2 Creeper  Magazine, Pennsylvania

"'Ridin' Shotgun' is an appealing mixture of Rock/Pop/Blues.  Irresistible driving 
rhythms pump you up  and get your body and soul in motion, while the guitar cuts 
its way through your heart."  - Keith Hannaleck  -  MusicMan.com - Sept. 1999

"Good playing and singing by three guys and a girl on a well-produced CD.  Is it 
country, blues, rock?   Some of each.   Even a nice cover of the Beatles' "While My 
Guitar Gently Weeps".  Most are Blue Taxi originals, though, and darned good ones.. 
Song with the most commercial potential:  "She's Cold (Like The Winter)".
- Char Whittaker  -  From the Renegade Newsletter, Newport, Rhode Island

"Ohio-based vets with an impressively wide range of material...blues swing, a 
little jazz, and rock (a cover of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps").  The Taxi's 
strong musical presence is led by many-faceted guitarist Bill Capuano." 
-  From Blues Access Magazine, Spring, 1999


Check Out  BLUE TAXI's
February '99  Cover Story!
Here's What Else 
They're Sayin' 'Bout
Blue Taxi's 2nd  CD…
Not Just The Blues Anymore... 
Blue Taxi  Stretch Out On Latest Release
by Mark Holan, Excerpted From SCENE Magazine, Vol.29-No.32, August 13-19, 1998

      Although Blue Taxi's been known primarily as a blues outfit, Ridin' Shotgun  shows the band's musical evolution into heretofore unreachable lyrical and exposing him to different types of musimelodic areas.  Bill gives his new bass player credit for exposing him to different types of music. 
     "He's the one who turned me on to John Hiatt, Lucinda Williams and all of that stuff," Bill says, "so he brought in a different kind of feel to some of  the songs that we'd always wanted to do. He sings well, so we were able to do more vocal harmonies on this CD." 
      All of the songs on  Ridin' Shotgun  are band originals, with the exceptions of  covers of the Beatles' "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and Quicksilver Messenger Service's "Gypsy Lights." The band has been performing those covers live for a while, but when it came time to actually record them, it was a different story. Interestingly enough, the version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" on the CD is a first take. 
  Blue Taxi  find themselves at a musical crossroads. "On this CD, not every song has a scream-ing guitar lead," Bill concludes. "There are some nice, melodic stuff. There are songs that are three minutes and under. That's another side of us that we're never able to show. We're all big Beatles fans;  we tried to bring that side of our music out on this CD." 
     "If I put any effects on my guitar, I get a look from Bob," Bill continues. "It's pretty straight-forward. I like it because it brings out that style. You have to play harder. There's no studio cover-ups on this CD.  It's all right there."


Blue Taxi's Ridin' Shotgun CD Reviewed: 
"Buckeye Blues: Blue Taxi's songwriting is mature on 
Ridin' Shotgun (self-release), with guitarist 
Cap Capuano, and pianist Theresa Capuano sharing 
vocal chores.  These are swelling harmonies and 
picture-perfect tunes.  The band even does an amazing 
reworking of  "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". 
Best cut: It's all top-shelf, but bassist Kurt England's 
poignant acoustic piece about departed loved ones…
Now that's a song!" - Ed Ivev - Blues Review - April '99
SCENE Magazine's Regional Beat
Blue Taxi - Ridin' Shotgun
by Steve Byrne, Excerpted From SCENE Magazine, Vol.29-No.33, August 20-26, 1998
.  If  Clevelanders really believe their city is the rock and roll capital, they better get off  this kick with Alan Freed  and the fact that Elvis Presley  played his first concert in the North at Brooklyn High School and start digging the rock that is coming out of the "Comeback City" now. 
  Blue Taxi  would be an excellent place to start. Ridin' Shotgun, their second CD, has them riding on the Autobahn  straight ahead and with no speed limit. Although the name would suggest we have a blues band here.   Blue Taxi  are a 1970's- style rock group that's merely influenced by the blues. Sometimes it's heavy, like when keyboardist Theresa Capuano does her best Bonnie Raitt on "Bait On A Hook", or when guitarist brother-in-law Bill Capuano sails through the rocking blues of "Little Mariah" or "Blues Avenue".   New bassist Kurt England  gives Blue Taxi  a fourth strong songwriter. 
     There isn't much on this CD that misses. Even the mandolin-charged "Down That Road" fits in nicely among the guitar-laden rock, blues, and soul tunes. 
    Let's not allow the adjectives "local" or "regional" to be the kiss of death to Blue Taxi ... They need radio exposure.  How about it, program directors in the Rock and Roll Capital? 
Akron Beacon-Journal
Blue Taxi - Ridin' Shotgun  CD Review
by Glenn Gamboa, Akron Beacon-Journal, August 13, 1998
  The Peninsula quartet's CD runs the gamut from country-tinged rock of "It's Time for You to Go" to the blues-steeped  cover of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", to the catchy swing of  "She's Cold (Like the Winter)". 
     The versatility of  Bill "Cap" Capuano's  voice and guitar work, combined with the lovely vocals of  Theresa Capuano, and the powerful rhythm section of  bassist  Kurt England, and drummer  Bob Capuano,  show why 
Blue Taxi  has built such a loyal following among fans and club owners.
  Blue Taxi  has opened for everyone from Lynyrd Skynyrd and  ZZ Top,  to  Peter Frampton  and  Pat Benatar...And it looks like their reputation will grow based on Ridin' Shotgun.
Local Band, Blue Taxi, Picking Up Speed, 
Gaining On Ultimate Destination -  Stardom…
Excerpts from an article that appeared in:  The Twinsburg Bulletin, The News LeaderBedford Times Register
Maple Heights PressCuyahoga Falls News-Press, Hudson Hub-TimesStow Sentry
Tallmadge ExpressAurora Advocate,  and  The Gateway News 
By Elaine T. Cicora,  Correspondent, August 30, 1998
   After 10 years of cruising down Northeast Ohio's musical highways and byways, and with two CD's fueling it's travels,  Blue Taxi  is still hoping  for a head-on collision with stardom.
Blue Taxi  (whose current lineup also includes Bill Capuano,  his brother and drummer BobBob's  wife,vocalist and keyboard player Theresa;  and bass player Kurt England),  has opened for such musical big-guns as Brian AugerLynyrd SkynrdZZ Top,  the Doobie Brothers  and Pat  Benatar.
   They also warmed up the crowd for a  John Mayall  performance at Wilbert's  in Cleveland, an experience Bill  says was a highlight of  his career.
   "He's like 'IT' to us,"  he says,  still awestruck at the memory.  "He's one of our biggest influences ... And he just never talks to anyone.  But after our set,  he grinned at us and shook my hand and said we were good.  It was great! 
   And in 1990,  Bill, whose guitar playing has been favorably compared to  Jimi Hendrix  and  Stevie Ray Vaughn,  got to impersonate a major-league rocker when the group had a gig opening for Steppenwolf  and Spirit  in Indiana, when Spirit'sguitarist, Randy California,  had missed his flight. 
   With about an hour of  mostly original material,  Ridin' Shotgun   is a showcase for Bill's  blistering guitar work and Theresa's  rich, sinuous voice.   All the band members shared the songwriting duties,  and Bill says they had more original material than they needed for the 13-cut disc.   "We started writing songs for it almost two years ago," Bill  says. "We really wanted to concentrate on our own material and to include a lot of different styles of blues and rock."   It only takes one listen to see that they succeeded.   Cuts range in style from the classic ("Bait on a Hook") to the funky ("Something's Going On") to a rock-a-billy ("She's Cold") to the folk/blue-grass-y ("Down the Road").   The CD also includes spirited covers of George Harrison's  classic "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", and Quicksilver Messenger Service's "Gypsy Lights". 
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