Mark B.'s 
Shark-Infested Driveway !
BMW  635CSi  Triad
<'85 635 CSi.."Bavarian All-Weather Street Rod"
This one was NOT pretty… But it was MOST satisfying!
Arktisblau w/ a grey '89 interior (the original blue leather had disintegrated, due to a profusely- perspiring P.O.), 118K mi. Featured "street rod" ingredients *snicker*:  15' Ronal alloys w/oversized (pot-hole defense) BFG Comp T/A's, and a "deer-scattering" cat-back custom exhaust  (when exhaust rotted-off, 2" straight pipes were subbed).  Overall effect: Think "German '85 Z-28", complete w/requisite rust.  Also featured semi-disfunctional instrument cluster, blacked- out "stealth" OBC, and self-renewing lubrication (read: leaking)  system… 
But make no mistake:  I truly LOVED this car!
'85 635CSi.."Texas Twister" >
This 165K mile, bronzitbeige beauty had suffered a cruel fate at the hands of its P.O. and his insurance company's salvage dept.  The P.O. got the ball rolling when he laterally struck a median curb, while doing 70 MPH.  This rust-free Texas "debutante" then had insult added to its injury, when the front spoiler was forklift damaged at the storage yard, where it also suffered a broken driver's side window, and an amateurish, failed attempt to remove the radio.  Not to be deprived, the cretan perpetrator then lifted the shifter knob.  Mysteriously, the amber tail light sections also vanished!  Later, the same yard was inumdiated by flood water, which reached the interior's lower dash-level... But this "Phoenix" WILL rise again!
<'79 635CSi.."Alpina Head Case"
An 87K mile polaris example, this car was sequestered-away in storage for 12 years, due to an unfortunate turn-of-events that involved its P.O., who while drag-racing a Z-28, had this car's engine suddenly "de-evolutionized" into a 4-cyl,"623CSi", when 2 of its 6 cylinders were joined in "unholy matrimony", at the head gasket "altar".  I agreed to purchase the car, provided that this "marriage", first be annulled.  The "priest" in question should've been demoted back to catechism, based on the evidence of his not milling the head surface, which prompted a reoccurrence only 1,800 miles later!  This thoroughbred now awaits a proper rebuild, including valve guides & seals, made at the request of a beleaguered mosquito population!
Two  Of  The  Other  6'ers  I've  Known (and Loved)  Before . . .
'79 635CSi Euro Alpina 
This car proved to be one of my greatest personal automotive tragedies.  A pristine, 89K mile graphite car, and it was perfectly suited to high speed drivers schools at Watkins Glen, and Nelson Ledges, where hard-braking areas were few, and straights were long, and many.  It met its demise in a freak roll-over accident,  but it was eventually parted-out for more than I had invested into it!
'82 633CSi 
A short-lived ownership provided a thoroughly enjoyable experience with this pristine, 92K mi. hennarot coupe.  The P.O. was, for once, a caring enthusiast, and this car drove as tight as the day it left the showroom.  It had always been garaged during salt-encrusted Ohio winters, as its body, and mechanical pieces were without oxidation.  It left my stewardship clad in a rare set of wide (9"F/10"R) 16" BBS alloy wheels.
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